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Most Experts Project Home Prices Will Rise In 2024 Sarasota Florida

Did you know that a recent survey from Fannie Mae shows one in four people still think home prices are going to fall this year? But the data says they’re rising in most markets, including the greater Sarasota, Florida area. So, why so much confusion? Lemme help you out. If you’re one of those people worried when will the housing market crash again or about housing market predictions 2024 specifically for Sarasota, Florida, check out the projections for twenty-twenty-four in our local area. This graph shows the most recent home price forecasts from eight expert sources for Sarasota real estate. And if you average them all together, the blue bar on the left shows, overall, prices are expected to go up by about two percent this year in Sarasota. More moderate for sure, but definitely not a decline. That’s because inventory is still tight in Sarasota, and demand is only going to rise as mortgage rates fall. It’s simple supply and demand. So, if you’re worried home prices might fall in twenty-twenty-four in the greater Sarasota, Florida area, don’t be. Of course, prices always vary by local market, but most experts think, nationally and locally in Sarasota, they’ll keep going up this year. So, let’s connect, and I’ll give you the latest on what’s happening right here in our local Sarasota real estate market, specifically in Sarasota Florida, Sarasota FL County, and Sarasota Florida Real Estate.

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