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Why Housing Inventory Shows Home Prices Won’t Crash

In this insightful video, we delve into the current state of the housing market, particularly focusing on the supply of homes for sale and new listings. Despite concerns about a potential price crash due to increasing inventory and new listings, we provide a comprehensive analysis that indicates why prices are unlikely to decline significantly. The video features a crucial graph that illustrates the single-family housing units completed since 1970, highlighting a 14-year period of underbuilding compared to historical averages. This underbuilding has led to a substantial inventory deficit, underscoring the long-term nature of the current housing shortage. We emphasize that this shortage won’t be resolved quickly, alleviating fears of an oversupply leading to plummeting prices. Instead, we observe that the overall inventory remains low, causing housing prices to continue rising, albeit at a slower pace. This analysis is particularly relevant for regions like Sarasota, Florida, where the real estate market dynamics are closely watched.

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